Vocational Education And Training For Experienced.

Are you a trained professional but not a certified VET but aspire to start your  career in germany and wish to settledown there, while learning the job skills from the experienced proffesionals in that field.

Instead learning in the classroom, learning directly in the job site where you get all the chance to explore the job environment


  • Completed 10+12th /diploma.
  • Age should be between 18 to 24 years
  • Certified B1 level in german language
  • Good at communication level
  • Should integrate with german workforce with B2 proficiency
  • Should start for the next program on sep 1st and should be german with all essentials by march 31st.
  • Should have experience in any vocational program but not a certified VET

Sign Up Process

  • Shortlisting the profile that matches the requirements
  • Client Interveiw, generally it would be a skype call where clients from german vocational program would take the interview
  • Candidates having B1 level certification, offer letter will be released and 25% of the payment must be done, which is non-refundable
  • If the candidate don't have B1, they should learn upto german B1 level, make 25% of the payment and then the official letter is realsed from the vocational training team as a conditional letter where students are able to join the program by sep1st 2020, and can be in germany by march 31st 2020
  • Visa application process will begin, where our company will be assisting through out the process, 50% of signup amount is to be paid.
  • Once the visa is approved the last 25% of the signup amount should be paid.
  • All set to fly germany, where company helps you with the accomodation and other details.
  • stipend will be paid, and amount will be given upon students performance.
Vocational Training Application Form